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Two round seals kiss surrounded by icebergs in cool and calm waters under a starry sky. These fat loves evoke tenderness, love, affection, companionship, and joy.


The Luster Sky Collection features vignettes into charming and whimsical moonlit and sun speckled wilderness. Imaginative stylized interpretations of wild expanses encapsulated in circles to mirror the sun and moon. Gold, silver and copper foiling reflects the light and transports you to these tender scenes. The Luster Sky Collection is filled with delicate and detailed illustrated paintings that will invigorate your curiosity and delight your imagination.


Palette Whispers

When finished painting, I take the remaining palette paint and create a large-scale free flow abstract piece of art called a Palette Whisper. The Palette Whisper can be used as matting around the intentional illustrated painting or it can be displayed on its own. If you decide to display the Palette Whisper independently, carefully pull the matte from the painting and gently roll your finger over the mounting putty if it sticks. Think of the Palette Whisper as a bonus piece of art for your collection!


Luster Sky Collection Specs:

8x10” Watercolor, ink and foil Painted Illustration. Matted to 11x14”. Mounted on 14x17” watercolor Palette Whisper. Mounted on 16x20” Backing board. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Each piece is carefully wrapped and packaged in archival material. Shipping is included in the price. Frame is not included.

Luster Sky Collection: Bloops(Seals) in Love

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