Spread the holiday spirit with 4 weekly gifts as a Secret Santa! Handpick the gifts each week from the following selections in the Google Form. Include a little personalized message with each gift. Reveal yourself as the Secret Santa in the final gift!


Forms and payments must be submitted by 9pm AKST 11/29/20.


Gift 1: 2 Ornaments
Gift 2: 2 Vinyl Waterproof Stickers
Gift 3: 1 Enamel Pin
Gift 4: 2 5x7" Matted Prints


All shipping is included in the $50 total price. US shipping only. 


I will send your handpicked gifts wrapped up with a little message that you are welcome to personalize!

Please complete the following form: https://forms.gle/oXUreiu9T2V6B4Bd6

You will also receive a link to the form with 24 hours of payment and/or confirmation that I have received the form within 24 hours.

Feel free to look through the selections before you commit!


I will send confirmation of your selections and recipient's address before anything is shipped. I will also confirm with you when gifts have shipped!


Shipping dates are:

Gift 1: 11/30

Gift 2: 12/7

Gift 3: 12/14

Gift 4: 12/17 (Shipping Tracking number is included so you know when your Giftee has received the final package!)


Want to coordinate a group of Secret Santas? I can even assign the Secret Santas to a group! Ask about group rates!

Secret Santa Service