Virtual Valentine Market



What is a Virtual Market?

A group of Makers gathering on an online platform (in this case- Instagram) to bring you handmade goods at a coordinated time!


Saturday February 6, 2021


Where? Participating Makers' Instagram Stories 


Participating Artists:

  • @haileymorganart

  • @littlefishworkshop

  • @alaskaconcretecollective

  • @matanuskapoppy

  • @roamingdaughter

  • @corsographics

  • @nowhereslowhandmade

  • @coddleandcosset

How does the Virtual Valentine Market Work?

At 10AM 2/6 Participating Makers will begin posting items for sale on their Instagram Stories. Each Maker will tag the other participating Makers so you know what Instagram Accounts to visit. Makers will provide instructions on how their sales will work. Just like an in person market- every Maker will run their sales a little bit differently! Send the Maker a direct message to purchase!

  • Some Makers ship, some have local pickup, some have both

  • Some Makers take payment through Venmo or PayPal, some Makers may direct you to a product on their website

How do I go to a Virtual Market? 

Sign on to Instagram and visit any of the participating artists Stories to get started. Follow the Account Tags to see other participating Makers' sales.

How do I buy something on a Virtual Market?

Every Maker runs their sale a little bit differently. Instructions will be provided at the beginning of each Account's Story Sale- but generally send them a direct message on their stories!

Do I have to be in Anchorage to go to the Virtual Market?

No! Unless the Maker/Artist can only provide pickup

Do I have to an Instagram account to go to this Virtual Valentine Market?

For this market- Yes