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Custom Snow Family


*limited time availability, terms and price*


Create your family of Snow People and Pets from hand-drawn watercolor and ink Snow Elements. I put them together in a digital illustration to create your custom Snow Family! Use your custom art for your own private use- cards, emails, mugs, Christmas jammies, or more! The only restraint is that your custom art may not be used for profit(ie you can't sell those coffee mugs to your Grandma- but you can certainly gift one to her!)


The base price is $50

This includes 4 Snow Elements (Snow people, pets, greetings, or names)

Additional Snow Elements are $10 each

You will receive a digital download of a 300dpi (suitable for print) custom Snow Family image!

Custom Snow Families will be completed within 10 business days after the final design elements are confirmed and the invoice is paid.

To get started or explore the possibilities click on the SNOW FAMILY FORM below

Your Task:

You fill out the form by selecting your "snow elements" in each section

A snow element is a snow person, pet, or name/greeting(25 characters max)

4 elements are included in the $50 base price- each additional snow element will be $10

Include any details about the snow person in the selection (hat color, size, etc)

Bonus- send me a family photo to work from for snow people placement, sizing, and inspiration


My Task:

Communicate! I'll follow up with an email confirming your selection/details and total cost. This will also be the time to send me any reference photos. 

I will email an invoice payable online. 

Once payment is complete and details confirmed I will start on the art. Changes cannot be made after details are confirmed. 

Then I combine your Snow Family into a custom piece of art!

I take your selection and details and piece together a Snow Family composition with a snowy hill watercolor background

I add stick arms at this stage using digital illustrations (or stick ears for the pets)

I add color to hats/blankets using digital illustration

If you have included a Greeting or Family Name I include this

When the art is complete I will deliver the 300dpi Custom Snow Family via email


You can print your Snow Family on whatever you would like (for private use only)! Holiday cards, ornaments, mugs, tshirts, e greetings and more! 

I am also happy to make 8x10"  fine art prints of your snow family at $30/print + shipping just let me know at the end


Need more than 10 elements? Fill out this form again- just let me know in the details. 


If there are other customizations you are interested in just let me know. These will be subject to different prices based on complexity and availability will be dependent on time. I can provide a quote if interested.


By completing this form you are agreeing to the terms of private use only, resale of images is prohibited. The artist retains the copyright of all images. 

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